Christmas traditions

Christmas Music    Old traditions reminisced in 2014
This is the time of year when our longing for tradition and nostalgia for the past is often expressed in proverbs, verse and carols.  Old songs and poems are resurrected and recited at family gatherings.  Each generation adds something new and whether it's the Shane McGowan anthem or some poem we learned at school, there is something about the dark days of winter which brings out the happiness reflected in music and songs. The poet Máire Mhac An tSaoí paints a bright and lasting picture in her poem Oíche Nollaig......”Le coinnle na n-Aingeal tá an spéir amuigh breactha,Tá fiacal an t-seacha sa gaoth ón gcnoc. Fhadaigh an tine....” As well as the majestic image of the sky being speckled with the candles of angels, she brings us back to the era when the fire was raked each night, a fire many households claimed had lasted for generations of their families.  More than anything the poem  exemplifies  the power of An Ghaeilge to express an image
Fhadaigh an tine, tine ár gcultúir agus ár dtraidisiúin!  Go mbeirimíd beo ar an am seo arís.   

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