Comeraghs school of music

 Sliabh na Féile
It was from the last line of the great Déise song Sliabh Geal gCua written 100 years ago by Pádraigh Ó Milleadha that we got the title for our school of traditional performing arts.  Our “Sliabh na Féile School” delivers far more than classes in a package which also includes the weekly junior session, free admission to concerts and performance opportunities.  Those who progress feature in more formal groups selected for entertainment at events such as charity, civic or private functions.  The best and most committed are selected for the Cúil Cheoil Seisiún group and are often offered places in other groups or on Comhaltas concert tours.  All our members are encouraged to participate in events where they experience the influence of the best of local performers.  Making connections with the community of musicians, singers and dancers first of all  among their own age groups and also at festivals and sessions where the well known names perform, is all part of the development of performers of the future.

About Us

Comhaltas Craobh na gComarach is dedicated to the promotion of all forms of traditional Irish culture. The group's particular emphasis is education of the young generation. We are based in the townsland of Cúl na Smear in the smallest parish in Waterford about 6 miles North-East of Dungarvan.

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Comeraghs Comhaltas 
Craobh na gComarach

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