Singers Club Podcasts

Podcast of the Night's Singing -  October 2007

Podcast of the Night's Singing - May 2007 The songs were great and a goodly percentage of them hadn't been sung here yet. Jim O'Brien and Eddie Bennet added a few hilarious recitations, David Power had a new song, Joe Heaney was in full flight, Queenie finally made it to a session, Liam Fitzgerald sang a series of local ballads and much more. This one is a real nice listen.

Podcast of the Night's Singing - April 2007 What a crowd! Lots of new faces - and voices! There was some lovely and spectacular singing.

Podcast of the Night's Singing - December 2006 Bridie Dee's and Liam, the barman, were in festive good cheer. So were we as we sat by the turf fire on a frigid night. Over 90 minutes worth of great songs sung by NOT Britney Spears and Beyonce.

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